Where Does Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Go From Here?


Spider-Man appearing in Venom would be a no brainer, especially with the rich history they have with each other. So, how would they introduce Spider-Man? I got 2 ideas on how they can.

  • Assuming it’s the same character from the MCU: Peter travels to San Francisco and goes into hiding because his identity was revealed to the world that he’s Spider-Man and is responsible for the death of Mysterio. This would make Spider-Man a villain in Venom’s film until they have to team up against a foe.
  • Assuming Sony completely reboots Holland’s Spider-Man: Peter is on a school field trip or transferred to a school in San Francisco. Peter would probably see Venom eating a bad guy (Eddie and the symbiote agreed that they only eat bad guys in the first film) which leads to a fight between the two.

It’ll be very interesting to see on how Sony would use Holland’s Spider-Man in the Venomverse.

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