Where Does Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Go From Here?

Spider-Man: Stays Home

I’ll be honest, this is what I truly want for Holland’s Spider-Man. Spider-Man always been one of my favorite heroes growing up and when it was announced that he would be joining the MCU made me happy. Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU has been such a joy so far such as interacting with other heroes, Peter’s struggles as a high school student, and the villains. Sony and Disney coming together to let Spider-Man joining the MCU have been one of the best decisions they’ve done.

I hope both companies can find a way to agree to let the franchise continue. Even one more film just to end Spidey’s story better would be good enough other than leaving the fans high and dry. Spider-Man’s future was going to be phenomenal, especially with the way they were setting him up to be the face of the MCU with Spider-Man: Far From Home. At least we got to see Spider-Man join the other heroes on the big screen:

Whatever route Sony decides to go with Holland’s Spider-Man, let’s just hope it won’t let the fans down.

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