Absolute Carnage #2 Review (Spoilers!)

The horror story continues in the second issue of Absolute Carnage. Venom and Spider-Man realize that they can’t beat Carnage right now, so the only thing the heroes can do is escape. Venom breaks the wall, grabs Spider-Man, and flies to safety (Venom has wings, which was shown in issue 5). Peter suggests that they can’t do this alone and suggests to get to the people who have the codex, get it extracted, and get ready for war in which Eddie agrees.

The first people Venom runs into are Scorpion and Miles Morales, who are fighting the Carnage’s horde. The reason why they’re going after Scorpion, it’s because he was once also Venom and Miles got tangled upon the mix. Scorpion was able to get away after Miles saves him by attacking Carnage (Norman) with his venom blast but in the end….well:

Absolute Carnage issue 2 was a fantastic read. So far, this is one of the best comic events happening right now. Will Venom and Scorpion save Miles from Carnage’s grasp? Can’t wait to see what Donny Cates got for us in issue 3.

9.5 out of 10

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