Thor #16: Here’s to All-Father Thor! (Spoilers)

Jason Aron’s Thor has come to an end. Thor #16 is the aftermath of War of the Realms and Thor #15 where Odin gave Thor the title, All-Father. Everyone is celebrating and waiting for the new All-Father Thor to arrive but he doesn’t show up. Thor is shown helping around the realms because he does not care much for his celebration of All-Father but shows that he’s earning the title.

Further, into the comic, both Thors decided it was time to back to where they belong. King Thor tells his younger self to slow down and take the time to enjoy his life and young Thor is happy to know that he still got it when he gets old. Young Thor goes back to his time and looked like he was ready to lift Mjolnir but remembered what his older self had said, so he left to enjoy his time until he decides to wield the hammer. King Thor is back in his time and felt some regret not telling present Thor about the future to come, but he was attacked by the sinister Loki wielding the necrosword!

Jason Aaron’s current run of Thor was fantastic. The story from each issue has a lot of heart, especially Thor #10 which hits to close to home. Can’t wait to see what Jason Aron got for King Thor. Highly recommend reading Thor, you won’t regret it.

Thor #16: 9.5 out of 10

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