Black Panther #15: The King Has Returned! (Spoilers)

The king of Wakanda has returned! It’s been a long road for T’Challa, but he’s finally home. After returning home, T’Challa feels like maybe it was better off that he didn’t return after realizing Wakanda is at a time of peace. Shuri had to remind T’Challa that the reason Wakanda is where it’s at now is because of him.

After being in space for a while, T’Challa is also worried about the future of Wakanda. The wars, slavery, and tyranny is something T’Challa doesn’t want Wakanda’s future to become. Shuri tells T’Challa to not worry about the future and to enjoy the peace he has now. After Shuri leaves, Storm surprises T’Challa and the two finally reunited.

T’Challa being in space and forgetting his memories took a toll on him. Even though he remembers his past, T’Challa is still having difficulty with what he went through in space. T’Challa is happy to be himself again and will try to treasure every moment. Storm asked T’Challa if he will go back, he said yes because the war isn’t over and it looks like the war was brought to him:

Black Panther #15 was a good set up for what’s to come. Seeing T’Challa trying to get used to what he once was is interesting. I hope Storm and T’Challa don’t break up in the future, especially since I’ve been getting vibes that they will throughout this run. Can’t wait to see what Coates and Acuña got for us next. 

8 out of 10

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