The Future of Marvel: The Eternity Mask, New Enclave, and The Return of Korvac!

Marvel Comics #1000 was a book with multiple stories for heroes of the past, present, and future. The stories did not correlate with each other, except for stories including the Eternity Mask. The Eternity Mask might be a major player in Marvel’s upcoming one-shot in December.

The Eternity Mask was made by Eternity. The mask is supposed to make you equal to anyone you face. What’s the real purpose of the Eternity Mask? We don’t know much yet. What we do know is that the mask is used to stop those who are a threat to society. Hopefully, we will get more information about the Eternity Mask in Marvel’s one-shot.

Lastly, the Eternity Mask could be a threat to the new Enclave. In the story Strange Worlds, the Enclave knows that the mask is used to stop those who plan on ruling the world. In the story Tomorrow, the Eternity Mask was mentioned because they know that the one who is wearing the mask will try to stop them, but Zota isn’t too worried. With the Enclave bringing back Korvac, one of my favorite villains ever in Marvel, I can’t wait to see where the story will go. 

I’m more excited for the one-shot now than I was before!

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