Miles Morales: Spider-Man #10 (Spoilers)

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #10 was fantastic. Miles Morales wakes up and writes in his journal, and talks about how he doesn’t have dreams of being kidnapped by the Assessor anymore. What Miles has been dreaming about lately is his past life in the Ultimate universe. Also, it’s Miles’ birthday, and I enjoyed the running gag in this issue about not showing or saying Miles’ age.

Miles and his dad leave the house to go get the birthday cake, and while on their way to the bakery, they were talking. Since the kidnap of the Assessor, Miles hasn’t been Spider-Man for months, and his dad was wondering how he’s been feeling since then. Miles knows he should be back out there because Brooklyn needs their Spider-Man, but his dad understands that people need to take time to heal. What I enjoyed about the talk is when Miles’ dad tells him that the reason he has his mother’s last name it’s because his father wasn’t a good man and it’ll be like a clean start.

Miles is home, and his friends stopped by to wish him a happy birthday such as Judge, Ganke, and Peter Parker! Peter was swinging by the neighborhood to give Miles a birthday card and a mission because he’s busy with the Savage Six. Before Miles got to tell Peter that he’s taking a break as Spider-Man, he takes off. Miles knows that he’s needed, so he has returned as Spider-Man again.

Miles goes to the address that Peter texted him, and while he was sneaking around he comes face to face with Ultimate Green Goblin. Miles recognizes him, but he doesn’t remember from where. The Green Goblin and Miles have an intense fight, and out of nowhere, Miles gets stepped on by a guy named Ultimatum. Ultimatum knows who Miles was, so he tells Norman to back off, and the two left the scene while Miles lying on the ground defeated. After the fight, Miles returns home after the battle and celebrates the rest of his birthday with his family.

Ultimatum and King Pin are having a conversation together. Ultimatum thanks King Pin for everything, and realizes that he needs to go back running the streets. King Pin suggests a partnership with Ultimatum but doesn’t expect to call him by that name. Ultimatum agrees since King Pin is his best friend, so he reveals his face and it was mind-blowing:

Miles Morales: Spider-Man was so good. Seeing the return of Ultimate Green Goblin and Miles Morales from Spider-Men II was very exciting to see. My only nitpick is that Miles not remembering his past when there have been many times where he does like Venom. Overall, I loved this issue.

9 out of 10

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