King Thor #1 : The Battle Between Two Brothers (Spoilers)

King Thor #1 is finally here, and it was so good! It starts with the Girls of Thunder in Omnipotence City in search of Gods who are still alive. The Girls of Thunder made it to the Halls of All-Knowing, and while they were looking around, they met a God named Sharak, who doesn’t know what he’s a God of. Shadak has been in the library for so long that he knows pretty everything such as the realms, Gods, and more. The reason why the Girls of Thunder are at the Halls of All-Knowing is to find the location of the Annihilblade to stop Loki, but before Sharak was able to tell them who has the blade, they got attacked by Loki’s necro-ravens.

The comic then goes to show the battle between King Thor and Loki The Butcher, and it was intense. While Loki and Thor were fighting, they landed on a planet of napalm, which Thor used to his advantage. Thor sends Mjolnir to the nearest sun, and when it came back it was in flames, so Thor uses his hammer and blows up part of the planet. While fighting Loki, Thor realizes that he must kill his brother.

The comic then goes back to the Girls of Thunder, and they’re still being attacked by the necro-ravens. The sisters know that it’s time to escape and find another way to stop Loki, but before they were about to leave Sharak gives Ellisiv the book called The Saga of The God Butcher to finish the story of future events. Also, Sharak remembers what God he is, The God of Bombs. The Girls of Thunder escape using the Bifrost, and Sharak stays back to blow up Omnipotence City.

Thor felt the explosion from galaxies away, and while he was distracted, Loki attacks and cuts open Thor making his guts spill out. Before Loki was about to finish off Thor, Loki tells him that he was the one that killed Odin by sneaking into his room and telling him that he was Odin’s ultimates legacy, which made Odin depressed and died. Thor, on the other hand, disagreed and said he killed their father because Odin was a shell of himself and out of his mind. Thor then tells Loki on how Freyja died, and it was because of a broken heart for believing in Loki. Thor throws Loki expecting it would kill him, but it wasn’t enough.

Loki sends Thor to the new Midgard, and it looked like it was over for the king. Even in one panel, you can see Mjolnir isn’t going to make it in time for Thor. Before Loki was going to finish off Thor, he gets stabbed in the back. Who could’ve stabbed Loki from behind? No other than the God of God Butchers, Gorr!!!

King Thor #1 might be my favorite comic that I’ve read this week so far. The art by Esad Ribic and storytelling by Jason Aaron was absolutely amazing. And to see Gorr was the icing on the cake for me. I want to read King Thor #2 right away.

10 out of 10

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