Silver Surfer: Black #4 -The Conflicted Surfer (Spoilers)

Silver Surfer: Black #4 by Donny Cates is finally here, and this issue puts the Surfer in a tight spot.

The comic starts with Norrin taking the incubator of Galactus out of Ego. Ego thanks Norrin for taking the incubator out of him and owes him his life. Norrin leaves with the incubator and takes it to a dwarf star, Helios-Ra. But before Norrin destroys the incubator, he gets stopped by the Watcher, Uatu.

Uatu tells Norrin that Galactus needs to live because there needs to be a balance of light and dark. Norrin doesn’t agree with Uatu, and he’s furious because he knows Galactus will one-day wreak havoc. Uatu knows that killing Galactus will not end Norrin’s pain and will live with what he’s done. Norrin feels lost because he doesn’t know how to stop an upcoming threat, Knull. Uatu suggests that Norrin should seek some counsel from Galan (young Galactus), so Norrin touches the incubator and gets sucked in.

Norrin fights many different forms of Galan in the incubator. After fighting his way through, Norrin and Galan finally meet face to face. Galan wants to know why Norrin is attacking him, and Norrin tells him he’s trying to kill him before he ends up becoming the destroyer of worlds. Norrin tells Galan that he feasts on the worlds, making him Death, which brings balance to the universe. Galan calls out Norrin because he would be doing the same thing because he’s willing to kill light to beat the dark, which will also be a balance with life and death.

Galan gives Norrin some advice and tells him that he cannot defeat the dark with darkness, which Norrin agrees. Norrin is out of the incubator and throws it into the orbit of the planet Archeopia. The Surfer flies back to Ego and asks him a favor, which is to ask life around the universe to channel light into him. Norrin gets the energy he needs and Ego askes him what he would do with that power and Norrin tells him he’s going to burn it.

Silver Surfer: Black #4 was a great read. I enjoy how the Surfer is conflicted and for Galactus to give him advice was pretty cool. Also to see Uatu getting involved to stop Norrin shocked me, especially since the Watchers know they can’t be involved with any situation. I’m excited to see how the series will conclude. 

8 out of 10

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