Venom #18 – Who’s The Target?! (Spoilers)

Venom #18 starts with Sleeper telling Dylan that he is one of the spawns of Venom and how he’s been gone for a long time to look for answers. While roaming the galaxy he landed on a planet which is the home of the Symbiotes, and the Symbiotes were trying to capture him so they can use Sleeper for an upcoming battle. Sleeper used his chemokinesis ability to break free and escape so he can head back to earth to talk about the incoming threat, Knull.

Dylan is confused about the situation because since Sleeper is a spawn of Venom, what does that make them? Sleeper had to explain that he’s not related to Brock at all, he’s born from the Symbiote. Dylan wanted to know who was Sleeper underneath and he revealed that his host was a Kree soldier named Tel-Kar, but he’s dead and using the body to get around. Sleeper was hinting that maybe he and Dylan should fuse, but before they made contact, Maker blasts Sleeper and put the remains in a container.

Dylan was trying to explain that Maker that Sleeper was good but Maker didn’t want to hear it. Dylan sees the people who were controlled by the Symbiotes in pods and wanted to know what Maker was going to do with them, and the Maker tells Dylan that he’s going to extract the codex from them and kill the captured Symbiotes. Dylan is furious because Maker is supposed to wait until Spider-Man and Venom to come back before doing anything, but Maker doesn’t need permission from him to make decisions.

When Dylan runs back, Normie tells Dylan that he’s scared about what Maker is going to do with him. Dylan tries to come up with a plan to escape Maker and tries to think about what Eddie would do, which is doing something stupid. Dylan distracts Maker by telling him that he is leaving, and when Maker confronts them, Dylan shoots the containments that had the Symbiotes. The Symbiotes were set free (except Sleeper) and fused with Maker.

Dylan and Normie are now running away from the Symbiote fused Maker, but Normie gets captured and tossed aside because Dylan is the real target! Dylan wants to know what do they want with him, but they don’t explain anything other than that they know Dylan is important. Before Maker gets his hands on Dylan, Dylan’s eyes light up and turn gray, telling Maker to get away from him. The Maker smirks but then out of nowhere, Maker gets attacked! Dylan is now in the safe hands of Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Thing….for now.

Venom #18 was a fun issue. I wonder what is Sleeper’s fate and if he’s going to fuse with Dylan. Also, what is Dylan, and is he the key to stopping Carnage?! Curious to see where Donny Cates is going to take the character.

8 out of 10

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