Spider-Man #1 -The Rise of Cadaverous (SPOILERS)

Spider-Man #1 starts with everything wrecked on the Brooklyn Bridge and Peter emerge from the debris. Mary goes to Peter, picks him up, and tells him that they need to go because the rules are different now (they have a kid). MJ and Peter got interrupted by Cadaverous, who is a new villain, and sent his minions to attack. Peter is trying the best he can to fight off the enemies, and he tells MJ to run, but when he turns his head, he sees MJ getting stabbed and thrown off the bridge by Cadaverous. Peter was able to get away from the enemies and grabs MJ’s falling body before she hits the water. In the next page, a funeral is being held for MJ, and you see Ben (Peter and MJ’s son) holding on to Peter’s hand.

Twelve years later and you see a grown-up Ben Parker heading to school. Ben noticed someone being bullied by a jock named Roland. Ben tells Roland to stop, but Roland went for the low blow by telling Ben, “How’s your mom doin’?” and then Ben throws Roland into a classroom. Ben is in the principal’s office, and he’s trying to tell the principal that he was just trying to help and that he deserved it, but the principal didn’t want to hear it. Peter comes into the office and picks up his son.

Peter and Ben are in the car, and things didn’t go too well. Peter tells Ben that the school called him because they were going to suspend him, and his actions were selfish. Ben erupts and tells Peter that he was protecting someone and it’s something that he wouldn’t understand. Peter tells Ben that he needs to his best at school, and Ben looks at Peter with tears in his eyes. Peter reiterates and said maybe he is doing his best, but help can make things worse. Peter drives off to the airport, and Ben walks home.

Further, into the story, you see Cadaverous in a lab, and you see him talking about a key. Cadaverous is also talking to a woman in containment, which I assume why he needs Spider-Man so he can collect his DNA. Next, you see Aunt May talking to Peter on the phone, and she tells him that he needs to be there for his son. Peter, who didn’t want to listen to Aunt May and said it’s better off like this and hangs up.

Ben is having a nightmare about his mom, and he wakes up stuck on the ceiling asking for help. Aunt May comes in to help Ben down and tells him that there’s something he needs to see. Ben goes into the attic, and he lifts under the floorboards which had boxes that were filled with old pictures and letters. Ben then finds Peter’s old Spider-Man costume, and that ends the first issue.

Spider-Man #1 by JJ Abrams and Henry Abrams, was a good start for this limited series. Very curious about Cadaverous and want to know more about his history. Mary Jane dying is something I didn’t want at all, but I understand why it needed to happen for this story to work. Ben seems like an interesting character, and I hope he gets great development as the story progresses. I’m going to continue reading this series and see where it goes. 

8 out of 10

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