House Of X #5 – Mutant And Proud (Spoilers)

Jonathan Hickman is on a roll, and House Of X #5 was a shocker. The comic talks about how resurrection is possible with the help of 5 mutants, the use of Mr. Sinister’s technology, and Xavier’s Cerebro, which was very interesting. Towards the end, you see Apocalypse arrived in Krakoa, and I thought it was going to end badly, but I was wrong. Both Xavier and Apocalypse set aside their differences for Mutant kind.

House Of X #5 is game-changing. I would never think that Magneto, Xavier, and Apocalypse would have a common ground to do what’s right for Mutants. It makes me wonder how this series will end. Johnathan Hickman is a mad man, and I’m here for it. 

9.5 out of 10

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