The Amazing Spider-Man #29 – Always Too Late (Spoilers)

Man, this issue tugged on my heartstrings. The Amazing Spider-Man #29 was a really good issue! The story is about how Peter and MJ are always in this cycle where Peter goes off stopping the bad guys but MJ always pays the price. I loved how Peter wanted to break out of the cycle and doing his best to finish a mission fast with his sister, Teresa Parker, who needed help saving her boyfriend from Chameleon. Before Peter got back, MJ left because she had to take off for her acting gig (which Peter encouraged her to do). But what hurt the most was that the reason he wanted to see MJ before she leaves was that he wanted to propose to her *cries*.

This is probably one of my favorite issues that Nick Spencer has written for The Amazing Spider-Man. I wonder if the storyline from Spider-Man: One More Day will play a part whenever Peter does propose to MJ. Also, I’m pretty sure we will see Teresa comeback for Chamelon after he killed her boyfriend. I hope everything goes well for Peter in the end, but you know that “Parker Luck” always comes to strike when things are going good. 

9 out of 10

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