Amazing Spider-Man #30: You Won A Long Time Ago (Spoilers)

Amazing Spider-Man #30 starts with a flashback with Kindred going up to Norman’s cell and talking about the past, which I thought was interesting because I still have no clue who Kindred is. Peter also recaps the events of Absolute Carnage and talks about how everything started such as him wearing the black suit, Venom, the birth of Carnage, stopping Knull from waking up, etc. Next, you’ll see Peter running aways with Normie and Dylan because Carnage (Cletus) has found their hideout (read Absolute Carnage #3), but they were cornered by Carnage (Norman)! Both Carnage and Peter are battling out, but it seems Peter has lost the battle while Carnage stands tall over him.

Amazing Spider-Man #30 was an interesting issue and a good tie-in for Absolute Carnage. The most interesting part to me in this issue was Kindred. I just want to know who Kindred is and what his/her relationship with Norman Osborn? Curious to see how the battle will end in the next issue and if Dylan or Normie is going to save the day. My only nitpick with this issue is that the comic is flashback /recap heavy which I thought was a bit much for me. Overall, I thought this was a good issue.

7.5 out of 10

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