My Top 3 Marvel Comics of The Week #2

Venom #19

Venom #19 by Donny Cates was such an interesting read. What made the issue interesting was Dylan. I want to know what is the truth behind Dylan, and I feel like we are getting closer to an answer. It was a good tie-in for Absolute Carnage!

Black Panther #17

Black Panther #19 by Ta-Nehisi Coates was so damn good. The conversation between Storm and Nakia was surprisingly my favorite thing in this comic. Also, the set up for an all-out war for issue #20 got me excited. Can’t stress enough on how good Black Panther is, I believe it’s underrated. 

Silver Surfer: Black #5

Silver Surfer: Black #5 is my favorite comic of the week and probably one of my favorite Marvel series of all time (yup I’m serious). It’s the final issue of the mini-series on how Silver Surfer becomes black, and it was so well done. I hope Donny Cates writes more Silver Surfer stories. And Tradd Moore is such a PHENOMENAL artist, and I believe that this might be his best work yet. The series as a whole is a 10/10.

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