My Top 3 Marvel Comics of The Week #3

Ghost Rider #2 by Ed Brisson, was metal. Johnny Blaze is willing to stop at nothing to bring the demons back to hell, but for some reason, Danny Ketch doesn’t seem to understand the situation at hand. Curious to see how things play out the next issue because Danny Ketch not noticing the demons around him was very interesting, and King Blaze showing no mercy was so badass.

Immortal Hulk #26 by Al Ewing was very interesting. After Bruce Banner acquired Shadow Base, he has declared war on against the human race *surprise Pikachu face*. I really enjoyed the interaction between Banner and Cho. Also, *SPOILERS* when Namor made a surprise appearance I got excited, and if there’s anyone who always starts war with the human race, it’s the King of Atlantis.

Daredevil #13 by Chip Zdarsky is my favorite comic to come out this week. I enjoyed how Matt Murdock had to go back to the basics, and the same for Wilson Fisk. Also, I’m wondering what Zdarsky is setting up for Cole North. I feel like with the way the series going, Cole North could end up becoming a vigilante in the future, but that’s just my assumption.

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