Black Adam Finally Has A Release Date!

Black Adam finally has a release date, and it’s December 22, 2021! Black Adam will be played by Dwayne Johnson (perfect casting honestly), and the story will be an origin story and will take place before the events of Shazam.

I’m super excited about this news because I’ve always been a fan of Black Adam (who is actually top 3 in my DC character list) and The Rock (since I was like 3 years old). I’ve waited such a long time to see this movie happen, especially since Dwayne Johnson has been cast as Black Adam since 2014! I’m happy we got an official date for the movie, and I know I’m going to watch the movie multiple times. Also, I can’t wait to see Black Adam and Shazam fight on the big screen.

Here’s the post from Black Adam himself:

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