Absolute Carnage #5 -F**K The World (Spoiler Review)

Finally got around to read Absolute Carnage #5, and man that was good!

The final battle between Carnage and Venom was badass! When Eddie absorbed Cletus’ symbiote and see Knull awake got me super excited for what’s to come. The only thing that is killing me inside is that I still don’t know who or what is Dylan. Dylan is incredibly strong and was able to blow away Carnage (Norman’s symbiote) with ease, so I’m curious to see where Dylan’s story will go after this event.

The five issues Absolute Carnage were all fantastic. Donny Cates wrote a great story, and Ryan Stegman is such a damn great artist. I hope both Cates and Stegman team up again for the next event when Knull arrives. Absolute Carnage met my expectations, and I highly recommend everyone to give it a read. 

Absolute Carnage 1-5: 9.5 out of 10

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