Titans Season 2 -A Fantastic Show But Disappointing Finale (Spoilers)

Titans season two was incredible! You can tell that the show took the feedback from season one and improved to make things better in season 2. Each episode didn’t disappoint, and I was always looking forward to a new episode each week…and then the finale happened. I’m going to talk about everything I love first before I talk about the finale.

Rose, Superboy, and Deathstroke were great additions to the show. I loved the way the show was building up Dick Grayson to be Nightwing, Superboy dealing with internal conflict from right and wrong, Starfire struggling to step up to the plate for her people, and more. Also, I like how this show found a balance of being light-hearted and being serious, because in the first season they tried way too hard to be edgy. This season of Titans was probably my favorite comic book show of the year, but it pulled a Game of Thrones on me.

The season finale of Titans season 2 was disappointing. The show built up Deathstroke this whole season as if he was a threat to the whole team just to get killed in the first 15-20 minutes of the show. I really thought I was being trolled because I was expecting Slade to battle the whole team from the way the show was promoting it. Also, the death of Donna Troy was terrible and felt like they just added that for shock value because I saw no reason to kill her off at all. Another thing is that this season needed at least another episode or two because trying to wrap up the Cadmus and Deathstroke plot in one episode did not work at all. The finale was just one rushed mess.

Overall, Titans season 2 was good. Even though the finale didn’t meet my expectations, I still recommend watching the show. I hope that the next season doesn’t give me another disappointing finale.

Titans Season 2: 8 out of 10

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