Sorry ‘Watchmen’ Fans, But Season 2 Ain’t Happening


This is sad news for people who loved the Watchmen series, but Damon Lindelof doesn’t want to continue the series.

In an interview with Deadline, they asked if there was another season on the way and here is what Damon Lindelof had to say:

I will just say one other thing, which is I get it but I wish our culture didn’t put such a tremendous disproportionality of focus around the final 40 seconds of the fourth quarter of the game.

And here is also what Damon Lindelof said when asked if the finale as the end-all, be-all:

Yes. I’ve seen it happen to other shows where if the final episode or the final season or the final scene in the final episode is not this incredible masterpiece that it somehow takes points away from the series that led up to it. I get it. Endings are important, but I wish that there was just a little bit more focus on hold the finale. It is important how things end but it shouldn’t be in disproportionate weight to everything that preceded it.

Sure this news is heartbreaking, but sometimes you don’t want something to overstay it’s welcome. The Watchmen series was under a lot of people’s radars or putting it down and didn’t expect it to become such a fantastic show. Plus, how can you even top such a perfect ending? Watchmen will go down as not only a. comic book series but one of the greatest tv shows of all time.

Source: Deadline

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