James Cameron Believes That ‘Avatar’ Will Beat ‘Endgame’ At The Box Office!


From USA Today , James Cameron said that he believes Avatar could beat Endgame one day.

Here’s the quote from the article:

“I think it’s a certainty,” says Cameron of “Avatar” eventually passing “Avengers” in theaters. “But let’s give ‘Endgame’ their moment and let’s celebrate that people are going to the movie theater.” 


I gotta give props to James Cameron because he’s incredibly hopeful about beating Endgame. This could be a good thing because that means that he will try his best to make sure that the Avatar films are fantastic. The first film came out in 2009 which was a different time, and James Cameron was able to do things that other movies haven’t before. Marvel Studios has given us 10+ years of stories to build-up to the conclusion of the Infinity Saga, so if we’re being realistic, Avatar isn’t going to top that. Also, a lot of people are not excited about Avatar 2, and “word of mouth” always plays a factor in movies, especially in this generation. Maybe James Cameron will be at the top of the box office again one day, but I highly doubt it’ll be with any of the upcoming Avatar films.

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