‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ The Spoiler Menace! (Review)


Finally I can talk about spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker! There are so many things I want to talk about such as things I’ve enjoyed, what I didn’t like, and what I think the film could’ve done better.

The Emperor is back, and to me, this was not surprising one bit. I remember when TFA  came out, there were a lot of people (go back 3-4 years there’s A LOT of videos) such as myself that believed that Snoke had a connection with Palpatine. Even the song from ROTS where Anakin and Palpatine talk at the Opera is playing for Snoke in TFA, so I’m sure it was planned from the start and not some asspull. The problem I have with Palpatine returning is that there was barely any explanation at all, and I wished that they alluded to it more in TLJ. Things I wanted to know was “how did he come back to life,” “who did he mate with and have a kid,” etc. Overall, I was fine with the Emperor returning just wished the execution was solid.

Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo was my favorite part of this film. The action scenes involving him were badass such as the beginning of the film when he looks for the Sith Wayfinder, the fights with Rey, and when he fought off the Knights of Ren. I also loved it when Ben returns to the light after seeing a memory of his father Han (with the help of Leia) because that was a tear-jerker. Let’s be honest, Ben was never fully in the dark side so it’s just a matter when he will come back to the light, and it was done well. I wanted Ben to survive in the end because there’s still so much story that I know they could’ve done with the character, and having him go out and die after his redemption sucked.


Rey was written well, in my opinion. I loved that she didn’t have everything together, even though she’s considered perfect. Did Rey being a Palpatine surprised me? No. In the last 2 movies, they showed hints of rage and evil in Rey. If you look at the way Rey fought in the TFA, she fought with the intent to kill. In TLJ when Rey trains with Luke, she looks too deep and falls into the dark, which scared Luke. In the end, I was positive that Rey had a connection with Snoke or Palpatine from the start, and the execution was solid. Also, Rey having her own lightsaber and using the name Skywalker as her last name was the cherry on top for the character. 

I wished Finn and Poe were written better. After the events of TFA, it just felt like they didn’t know what to do. Even the scenes where Finn and Poe were randomly mad at each other and made up I was like, “what was the point?”. I will say this though, I loved that this movie explored the fact that Finn is force sensitive which was hinted in TFA. I think it’ll be awesome if they continue Finn’s journey because there is so much untapped story they could explore! Also, I’m mad that Rey and Finn didn’t end up together! I got nothing else to say for these two characters, just a little disappointed. 


Loved the scene when Rey calls for the Jedi from the past to be with her. When I heard all the voices such as Anakin, Kenobi, Ashoka, Kanan, Yoda, etc I was super excited. I’ve noticed that Ezra Bridger wasn’t one of the voices talking to Rey, so does that mean he’s still alive or has he fallen to the dark side? What would’ve made this scene even cooler if all the voices appeared as force ghosts and standing side by side with Rey, giving her energy, and beat Palpatine, kinda like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The direction they went with Leia was well done. Making Leia Rey’s master was a great idea. When Leia beat Luke when they trained together, it made sense to me, especially when Yoda realized that there’s more potential in Leia than Luke. The way Leia died after calling out for her son was the best thing they could’ve went for the character, and in a respectful way. Rest in peace Carrie Fisher.


I think they could’ve done more with Chewbacca, but I was fine with what we got. The scene where Chewie broke-down was sad because all his friends are dead like Han, Luke, and Leia. And the scene where Chewie finally got a medal at the end of the movie made me happy. I hated where this film threw my heart at the wall when I thought they killed Chewie, I would’ve been mad if he went out that way.

The Knights of Ren was incredibly disappointing! I wanted to see so much more of these characters, but they were just paperweight. This film could’ve at least show Rey fight maybe 2 of the Knights of Ren or something before getting fed to Ben. This is why I’m also mad at TLJ because that film could’ve done something with them, kill off half, then kill the rest in Rise of Skywalker


My biggest problem with this movie, as much as I enjoyed it, the film should’ve been longer or split into two films. So much stuff happens with barely any explanation, and if the film was longer or split into two, it could’ve fleshed out the story better. We could’ve had a better explanation for Palpatine being back, a better dynamic with the sequel trilogy crew, Rey training, and more. The first half of the film could’ve been one film alone, to be honest. This film tried to fix a lot of things from the first two movies, and it shows.

That’s all I got for spoilers. The Rise of Skywalker is a great film, but not perfect. J.J. Abrams did the best he could to conclude all 9 films.

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