The Emperor Creating Anakin Skywalker Officially Debunked!


Matt Martin, who is a member of the Lucasfilm story group and Charles Soule, who wrote the Darth Vader  (2017-2018), confirmed that the Emperor did not create Anakin Skywalker. 


Here’s the tweet from Matt Martin :

And here is what Charles Soule tweeted:


In Darth Vader #25, Vader created a portal to the afterlife to bring back his wife Padmé from the dead. While in dimension, Vader saw dark visions, and one of the visions was Palpatine hovering over Ankakin’s mother and messing with the force inside her.

A lot of people, including myself, believed that Palpatine created Anakin after reading the issue, but to know that’s not the case caught me off guard. I was so certain that Palpatine was involved from the very beginning. I’m actually at a loss for words. Anakin really is the Jesus Christ of Star Wars.

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