The Mandalorian Chapter 8 Review (Semi-Spoilers)


The Mandalorian Chapter 8: Redemption is the last episode of the season, and it was directed by Taika Waititi. The Mandalorian, Dune, and Karga are surrounded by Gideon and troopers, but IG-11 comes gun blazing into town. The crew was able to gain some momentum, but things start to go south fast! This was a great finale!


The action in this show was amazing. I loved IG-11 in this episode, and he’s definitely the MVP. Baby Yoda using the force again to stop the flametrooper was a cool scene. Finally getting to know the backstory on how the Mandalorian was saved, what’s his actual name, and finally getting to see him without his helmet was satisfying. Also, the fact the Mandalorian is officially the adoptive father of Baby Yoda warmed my heart. I’m excited to see where season 2 is going to go.

10 out of 10

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