The Darksaber – The Ancient Weapon Of Mandalore


After watching The Mandalorian finale, I was definitely in shock. When Gideon came out the TIE fighter with the darksaber, the sacred weapon of the Mandalorians, so many things were running in my head. How did Gideon get the darksaber? Is Gideon the new leader of Mandalore? Just so many questions!

So what is the darksaber? Well, the darksaber was created by the first Mandalorian Jedi, Tarre Vizsla. The Mandalorians of house Vizsla acquired the darksaber by raiding the Jedi Temple during the Old Republic era. The Mandalorians of House Vizsla would use the darksaber to kill Jedi and rule Mandalore.

Many people have used the darksaber that wasn’t part of the House of Vizsla and ruled the Mandalorians such as Darth Maul, Sabine Wren, and Bo-Katan. Now, years later, the darksaber is in the hands of Moff Gideon, leader of the Imperial remnant.


According to the show, there was a purge of the Mandalorians and were thought to be gone completely. What was left of the Mandalorians went into hiding on the planet Nevarro. Most of the Mandalorians on Nevarro were killed off by Gideon and his Imperial remnant. I believe that Gideon acquired the darksaber by killing an older Bo-Katan and became some sort of Mandalorian hunter and having the darksaber is to mock them. Also, the fact that Gideon knows the name of Din Djarin (Mando) gave me some truth to my theory.

I’m excited for the story to be explored on how Gideon got the darksaber. If I’m right about Gideon being a Mandalorian hunter and mocking them, I would get a Mandalorian tattoo. Also, I’m sure by the end of season 2 that Din Djarin will have the darksaber and become the new leader of the Mandalorians.

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