Artificial Intelligence Are Calling The Shots Now At Warner Bros.

You would think the headline is click bait, but it’s actually true.

According to THR, the chairman of the movie division for WB, Toby Emmerich, signed a deal with Cinelytic to use an AI-driven project management system.

Here’s a quote from the article when talking about the purpose of the deal:

Under the new deal, Warners will leverage the system’s comprehensive data and predictive analytics to guide decision-making at the greenlight stage. The integrated online platform can assess the value of a star in any territory and how much a film is expected to make in theaters and on other ancillary streams.

In my opinion, I truly believe this will not work at all. We’ve seen time and time again when movie studios would use multiple big stars in a film and barely make money even if the writing is good too. How would an AI tell what movies and stars people would want to see? Word of mouth is the biggest factor when it comes to movies being successful. This is a pretty big gamble for WB.

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