My Top 3 Marvel Comics of The Week #8

New Mutants #5

New Mutants #5 was great. The team finally arrived at the Shi’ar galaxy, but things don’t go according to plan. Magik was my favorite in this issue and made me laugh when she asked people if they wanted to make out. Five issues in and still loving the series so far. Also, the art in this issue was beautiful.  

venom #22

Venom #22 was badass. Eddie and the Carnage symbiote are stranded on an island, and it’s a story where the hunter (Eddie) becomes the hunted (Carnage). Two things that surprised me is Dylan having a piece of a symbiote (most likely Carnage) in a box under his bed and Eddie cutting off his arm. Venom Island just started, but it’s already intense, and I love it.

hulk #29

Immortal Hulk #29 was my favorite. Roxxon Corporation unleashes Kaijus in Arizona, and only the Hulk is there to stop it. The panels that had Dario and one his lackeys at the beginning of the comic was funny to me. Also, I love the dialogue between Leonard and Betty because it’s giving us some insight into the relationship between Devil Hulk and Bruce. Another great issue from Al Ewing and I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next. I hope Hulk fights every Kaiju.

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