‘Morbius’ Trailer is Finally Here and References The MCU!

Well everyone, the Morbius trailer is finally here, and it was good. I was surprised because after watching Venom I thought this movie was just going to be just as bad, but I was wrong! The Morbius trailer even references the MCU!

In the trailer you see Michael Morbius walking in a alley and he passes by a Spider-Man poster with “Murderer” paint sprayed over it! This is referencing Peter “killing” Quentin Beck in FFH. (Sidenote: Sony using the the PS4 Spider-Man game loading screen with Raimi’s suit is lazy!)

Another reference is at the end of the trailer. Michael Morbius passes by a familiar face and it’s Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) aka VULTURE!!!

Overall, I was surprised how good this trailer was. Also, the visuals for this film looks great too, and I thought it was going to look a lot worse. Jared Leto is going to kill this role for sure. I’m seeing this film on day one.

Check out the trailer:

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