New ‘Transformers’ Movies on the Way!

We’re finally getting new Transformers movies!

From THR, here is what the article said about the upcoming films:

Paramount and Hasbro are rebuilding Transformers, hiring not one but two writers to pen scripts for the multibillion-dollar film franchise. Joby Harold, who co-wrote the upcoming Zack Snyder zombie movie Army of the Dead, and James Vanderbilt, perhaps best known for writing David Fincher’s Zodiac, have been tapped to pen separate scripts as the companies pursue concurrent development.

The article continued and said:

Takes on the direction of the new projects were not revealed, but Paramount and Hasbro see the hires as giving the franchise a chance to build out multiple arcs and to also expand the Transformers universe. The toy brand’s underlying storyline is the seemingly never-ending battle between the good robots-who-can-turn-into-cars, Autobots, and the wicked robots-who-can-turn-into-military-hardware, Decepticons.

I hope that the upcoming Transformers films are connected with the Bumblebee movie because that movie was fantastic. There are so many stories that they can do, such as War For CybertronBeast Wars, and maybe even a G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover! I just want the films to be good because the only Transformers film I’ve enjoyed was Bumblebee and Micheal Bay’s first Transformers. Also, please give me a better version of Jetfire and Unicron.

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