‘Star Wars: Underworld’ Test Footage Leaked!

Star Wars: Underworld test footage made its way on the web, and it looks pretty good. For those of you who don’t know, this series was canceled in 2010 because of budget constraints. Star Wars: Underworld takes place in the slums of Coruscant, and is in between ROTS and ANH. Also, this show was supposed to tie-in with the video game 1313, which was canceled.

Check it out:

This test footage gives off Blade Runner vibes. Too bad the show was canceled, because there was a lot of potential for this series such as Lando losing the Millennium Falcon, Han meeting Chewie, and more! I could see Disney adopting some ideas from this series and make it a video game, book, etc. Who knows? Maybe we dodged a bullet with this show or could’ve been of the best things to come from Star Wars, but I guess we will never know.

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