Dan DiDio Has Left DC Comics!

This was very unexpected news. Dan DiDio, Co-Publisher of DC Comics, has left the company! There’s no statement on why DiDio left yet, but we could be getting info soon.

Dan Didio has been with the company for a long time. DiDio has been apart of the company since January of 2002, so that’s 18 years! DiDio first started as a vice president-editorial in 2002 then vice president-executive editor in 2004 and finally DC’s publisher in 2010. During the DiDio era, we got Infinite Crisis, New 52, and Rebirth.

I hope we get information on why he left because this was very unexpected. Maybe there were just a lot of disagreements behind the scenes, or things just weren’t going according to plan. Curious to see what’s next for DiDio.

Source: ComicBook

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