New Details For Marvel’s Upcoming Show ‘She-HulK’

We got some new information for the upcoming She-Hulk series!

From The Illuminerdi, here is what they said:

While we still haven’t been able to nail down who the antagonist of the show is, we did find out more about Walter’s day job. As we reported earlier, she will still be a lawyer, as per her comic book roots. However, in the logline for the show she is described as being successful in her profession and specifically seeking cases in superheroic law. Furthermore, the description goes on to state that she occasionally throws down in superhero battles as the She-Hulk.

Now, this is very interesting. We as Marvel fans know what Jennifer Walters does as a profession, but what caught my interest is when the quote said “seeking cases in superheroic law”. What if she plays an important role in the third Spider-Man film? Peter is being framed for killing Mysterio at the end of Far From Home, so it’ll be awesome if we see Walters being involved clearing Peter’s name. It’s a minor stretch, but I can see that happening. 

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