‘New Mutants’ Delayed Because of Coronavirus

If you were excited to see New Mutants be released next month, don’t be because the release of the film is now delayed because of the coronavirus.  

Here is what an article from Deadline said:

Disney has just moved Mulan (March 27), 20th Century Studios/Marvel’s The New Mutants (April 3) and Searchlight’s horror pic Antlers (April 17) off the release schedule. Disney says that it’s looking at potential 2020 dates in regards to where the titles would be scheduled next

This was a good call from Disney. A lot of people go to the movies, and with the virus being super contagious, it’s a dangerous situation. Also, I’m starting to think the universe does not want me to watch New Mutants. I’ve been waiting for this movie for a long time, and at this rate, I’m going to fight the virus one-on-one. Hey Disney/Marvel, if you’re reading, this I’ll sell my soul so I can watch this film in my house or something.

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