John Krasinski Met With Marvel!

One of the biggest fan castings to play Reed Richards, John Krasinski, has apparently met with Marvel!

From Geeks WorldWide, here is what the said:

Krasinski and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige have both said they’d love to work together, and it seems that’s now closer to happening than ever before. While I’m not sure of the role he’d take in the MCU, whether it be that of a director, writer, or actor, I do know they discussed a multitude of projects during their meeting. As far as I’m aware, this is the first time they’ve formally met, but Krasinski is not currently in talks for any MCU project.

Even though it’s not confirmed that Krasinski is attached to a Marvel project, I know for sure that he will most likely play Reed Richards. This is like the time where people wanted Benedict Cumberbatch to play Dr. Strange, which he did. I hope Krasinski plays Richards because this is honestly perfect casting. I guess we will get an announcement this year or next year.

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