Gareth Evans Talks About His Deathstroke Movie Pitch!

Did you know that a Deathstroke movie was supposed to happen and was going to be directed by Gareth Evans?! Evans was attached to the project in 2017, but it seems like it will never see the light of day.

While talking to Yahoo Movies UK, Evans talked about what Deathstroke was going to be about and here is what he said:

The plan was, I wanted to tell something that would be a lean story, that would be kind of an origin of that character. Something that felt like it could be 100 minutes or 110 minutes long, max – not to go over the two hour period with it.

Evans continues:

Back then, I was massively influenced by the noir films coming out of South Korea, so that was my pitch. I was like, these films are amazing: the texture, and the tones of colours, the grit and the aggression of them is super interesting to use to tell Deathstroke’s story.

Who would’ve thought that Deathstroke was going to get a movie? It sucks that we’re never going to see this film, especially now since we got a new Batman with Robert Pattinson and not Ben Affleck. Maybe we could see Deathstroke have his movie or show on HBO Max, which would be the best option and to keep Joe Manganiello on board. Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope that this film can still happen one day.

Source: Yahoo

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