‘Star War: The Clone Wars’ Season 7 Review!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has finally come to an end, and boy what a wild ride it was! Let’s get right into it and talk about season 7 of The Clone Wars.

In the earlier episodes, we see that the Clones can be easily manipulated and controlled, which is a key factor for why they turned and kill the Jedi. Also, to find out that the Clones know they are being controlled during Order 66, it was sad, especially when you see Rex hesitated so much trying to not kill Ahsoka. Speaking of Clones, I wonder where the Bad Batch is? Those characters were great and do things their way, so is it possible they were not apart of Order 66? I hope we get a comic or see them in a new Star Wars series.

Starting with episode 5, that’s when the rest of the season focused on Ahsoka. You get to see what Ahsoka was doing after leaving the Jedi Order, but it seems no matter how hard she tries to stay away from Jedi’s business, it always seems to find her. The moments where she saw Anakin one last and get her dual lightsabers from him as a gift was heartbreaking, especially when it’s the only time they saw each other as master and padawan. When Ahsoka was sent to Mandalore to capture Maul, it was intense because you see the dialogue between the two, and you see that Maul was trying to stop the Emperor before it’s too late, which she declined his offer to join him and they both ended up battling. After capturing Maul, Order 66 took place, and Ahsoka was trying to survive the execution while also trying to find out why are the clones attacking her. After finding out how the clones were being controlled, Ahsoka was able to take out the chip from Rex and they both find a way to escape the capital ship before it crashed on a planet. Ahsoka and Rex go to the planet where the ship crashed and honored the death of the Clones, and that’s where Ahsoka leaves her lightsaber to make it seem like she was dead to avoid being hunted. Also, we see Darth Vader on the planet where the ship crashed, and he picks up Ahsoka’s lightsaber, where you can see at that moment he has officially lost everything he’s cared about.

This season of the Clone Wars, in my opinion, is perfect Star Wars. The story was fun, exciting, and heart-wrenching. The action in this show was top notched, especially episode 10, where Ahsoka fights Maul because it was really good, and they even brought back Ray Park to MOCAP for the battle. Seeing everything tie-in with ROTS and Rebels was definitely satisfying, and I know there are still more stories to tell. Also, the fact that Ahsoka could’ve stopped Order 66 from happening is depressing, and that definitely adds deep depth to the character. Another crazy thing is that Maul in a way was the good guy in this season! I mean sure his methods were extreme, but he was trying to stop the darkness that was on its way, and no one was listening to him, this show gave him amazing character development. And, seeing Darth Vader making his appearance in the Clone Wars, after being with Anakin for so long in the series, felt my gut getting punched and thrown at the wall. The ending was just so beautifully well done and reminded me why I love Star Wars. 

I remember watching the Clone Wars movie in 2008 in an empty theater, and here I am in 2020, finally seeing the Clone Wars come to an end. Dave Filoni understands Star Wars, and this series is proof enough that he always knocks it out of the park. Who knows? Maybe when the time comes, Filoni will one day oversee the Star Wars franchise and see his magic at work. I highly recommend watching the series, and sure the beginning season is rough, but if you stick with it you’re going to get some fantastic storytelling.

10 out of 10

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