‘Swamp Thing’ Returns and ‘Superman and Lois’ Gets A Release Date

Oh man, it’s great to be a DC fan right now!

Swamp Thing is coming back and will be released on the CW this fall! The show was originally on the DC Universe streaming service but was cancelled right after the first episode aired. Swamp Thing is a great show, and I think comic book fans should give it a shot. I’m not a fan of the CW formula for their shows, but I’m 100% down if it still has the same feeling as it did on the DC Universe service. 

Now my favorite news that came out was that Superman and Lois has gotten a release date.

Here’s the announcement:

I’ve mentioned this many times before, Superman is my favorite superhero of all time. I’m extremely excited to watch this show, especially since I feel like there has been a lack of Superman content in the media as of late. Tyler Hoechlin, from what I’ve seen, plays a great Superman, and Elizabeth Tulloch plays a solid Lois Lane. I know I said I’m not a fan of the CW formula, but it’s Superman, and I have HIGH expectations!

Source: THR

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