Rey Was Going to Be Shown Constructing Her Lightsaber in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

Every time I hear or see a scene that didn’t make it to TROS, I die a little inside. In TROS, Rey was going to constructing her lightsaber but was cut from the film.

Here’s the post:

I enjoyed TROS, but in this scene, I felt like I’ve been robbed of. Throughout the years, we have not seen a lightsaber being constructed in live-action, not counting the deleted scene from ROTJ. There was no explanation of how Rey got a new lightsaber, and the only thing we know is that the hilt is made from Rey’s quarterstaff. I would’ve love to see how Rey was able to build her saber, and why she made the kyber crystal turned yellow.

I don’t know why it was decided to cut a lot of great stuff from the film because there’s a lot of missed opportunities. We could’ve had a Palpatine backstory, a longer scene of Kylo Ren on Mustafar, Kylo Ren interrogating, and more. It was the final film of the Skywalker Saga, and they could’ve gone all out with a bang, but I felt like people were afraid behind the scenes to pull the trigger. As I said before, I enjoyed TROS, but it sucks to know every time I see what could’ve been, I just get more and more disappointed.

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