‘Agathe Christine: Next Door Spy’ Spoiler-Free Review

Agathe Christine: Next Door Spy is a cute and fun animated film for kids!

Here’s the official description about the film:

The film follows ten-year old Agathe-Christine, who dreams about mystery from her new family’s basement, where she’s established a little detective bureau. But while solving the first mystery, she soon finds herself involved in a much more complicated case, bigger than she ever imagined.

The film is enjoyable. While watching this film, I was engaged and was very interested in how Agathe was going to solve the mystery. My favorite thing about the film was the art style! The art style, in my opinion, is probably one of my favorite animated art styles I’ve seen.

I only got two problems with the film. The voice acting was a little rough, to be honest. There were times where I cringed while hearing the line delivery. Also, I feel like the film should’ve had more scores on it. The film felt quiet for me, I mean sure there are some nice scores in the film, but there are times where it’s just a missed opportunity to add one, which made some scenes feel lacking.

Agathe Christine: Next Door Spy is a fun film that kids will enjoy, even for adults. I definitely recommend watching this film when it drops on June 16.

7.5 out of 10

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