DC Has Broken Up With Diamond Comic Distributors!

DC Comics, after 25 years, has ended their relationship with Diamond Comic Distributors.

From THR, here is what a spokesperson from DC had to say about the situation:

After 25 years, DC and Diamond Comic Distributors are ending their long-standing relationship. Moving forward, comic book retailers can obtain their DC books from Penguin Random House, or their books and periodicals through Lunar or UCS comic book distributors. DC continues to be committed to providing the Direct Market with best in class service and the fans with the world’s greatest comic books.

Now this news shook the comic book world, but I wasn’t surprised. After the impact Diamond went through with COVID-19, I knew things were going to end up like this, especially when Diamond is the main distributor for comics. In my opinion, it was a smart decision, and this could be a domino effect for many other companies to follow. I would not be surprised if Marvel, Dark Horse, and Image leave in the next couple of months.

I know some part of you might want to give up hope. But this is our moment. Our chance to turn things around. I know we’ve been divided. Torn apart. Broken — for so damn long — but now it’s time to assemble.

Sam Wilson


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