Milestone Comics is Ready to Return!

Milestone Comics is ready to come back and kick ass. For those of you who don’t know, Milestone Comics had plans that was announced in 2017, but they were delayed because of a lawsuit. Now it’s looking everything is all good to go and things are about to start picking up again!

Here is what Denys Cowan, co-founder of Milestone Comics, had to say:

As you know, we were involved in a lawsuit that everyone read about in the papers, if people care to read about that kind of stuff. Not everything that was printed was true, but there was still a situation.Well, that situation has been resolved to all parties’ satisfaction. So we’re all happy and the person that had an issue with us is happy. We’re all together; we’re all friends; we’re all good. And DC and Milestone were going forward with their plans after a very long delay and, just when we were starting to pick up everything again, is when the pandemic hit.

Cowan continues:

There’s going to be some new things that are going to be announced. But for all people who are thinking about Milestone, we thank you for your continued patience. There will be stuff to see and there will be stuff to see relatively soon. And hopefully, people will be back on the Milestone bandwagon, and it’ll be good because I think that now, it’s needed more than ever.

I can’t wait for the return for Milestone Comics, and I feel like this is a perfect time too. Also, this means more Static Shock content because I miss seeing Virgil Hawkins in comics.

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