‘Immortal Hulk’ Series Will Apparently Finish With #50

Well, all good things must come to an end, even though I don’t want Immortal Hulk to end at all.

Immortal Hulk comic artist, Joe Bennett, said that the series will will end with #50, and that news hurt. Here’s what Al Ewing had to say about the planned finale:

More recently, we’ve got the remaining arcs and trades of the book roughly plotted out – we’re still missing a few details here and there, some of them major, but we know roughly what each trade looks like and we know how the book’s going to end. So with individual issues, we’re doing what works and feels right, but in the long run we have a definite plan.

I’m curious to see how this series will end. In my opinion, I believe this is one of the best Marvel series ever created. It dark, rich with story, art that gives it a classic feel, and so much more. Also, this could be setting up a big Marvel event in the future because the way they’ve been writing the story, and connecting the Hulk with the One Below All, is crazy. I just know that the final issue will not disappoint at all.

Source: GamesRadar+


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