‘Ghost Rider’ Series So Far (Review)

Ghost Rider by Ed Brisson and Aaron Kuder is currently one of the most badass comics I’ve read!

What’s currently happening in the series is that Johnny Blaze is becoming more ruthless and dangerous in the Marvel universe ever since he became the king of Hell. Danny Ketch has never wanted to be Ghost Rider, but ever since Blaze took his powers away for trying to stop his madness, he made a new dangerous deal. Curious to see how Ketch will do against Blaze with his newfound powers because it’s been pretty extreme from what’s been shown so far. Also, I hope the fight between the two won’t be underwhelming, but knowing Brisson, it won’t be.

If you’re new to Ghost Rider or an older fan, then you will not be disappointed by Brisson and Kuder’s run. The series is six issues in, and each issue has been amazing. 


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