Harley Quinn Will Be Getting a ‘Batman: White Knight’Spin-Off!

Harley Quinn from Batman: White Knight will be getting a spin-off in October of this year. The limited series will be done by Sean Murphy and Katana Collins.

Here’s the synopsis from Newsarama:

In the alternate world of Batman: White Knight, Harley Quinn has taken a whole different turn — with a set of twins, the death of the Joker, and the incarceration of Harley’s confidant Batman.

Already facing the challenges of being a new mother, Harley will be enlisted by the Gotham police department to help with a murder mystery that reveals a slew of new villains in Batman’s absence, including a nemesis for Harley herself.

If you haven’t read Batman: White Knight then you’re missing out. Batman: White Knight storytelling is fantastic, and even though I’m getting tired of the billion Batman related content, I still got to give huge kudos to the people who created the series. The Harley Quinn spin-off will not disappoint at all, and I can’t wait to read it in October. 

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