‘Project Power’ Review!

Project Power is a new Netflix film, and it was pretty damn good. The film is about Art (played by Jamie Foxx), looking for the source of where the drugs that people receive their powers come from because it’ll trace him back to his daughter Tracy. The Major teams up with Robin Reilly (Dominique Fishback) who’s a drug dealer and a rap artist, and Frank Shaver (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who’s a New Orleans cop, so they can get to the bottom of where the drugs are being created. 

The plot of the film was safe and straight to the point. I felt like the film did not try to add too much fluff/filler, which is great because you don’t want too many heavy side stories for the characters. What I would like the film to have done though to was go into detail with Art and his daughter. If the film was a bit longer, then they could’ve added a more fleshed out story for Art and his daughter at the beginning of the film or in the middle.

I enjoyed the cast. Jamie Foxx, no matter the role, always knocks it out of the park. It was my first time being exposed to Dominique Fishback and she played Robin well. I can’t wait to see Dominique in more movies. Both Dominique and Jamie had great chemistry, and all the scenes involved with them felt natural. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in my opinion, could’ve done better. I know why he added the accent to his character, but it was not needed and did not sound natural at all.

Project Power should be watched with an open mind. This film is getting terrible comparisons to superhero films, which it should not. Also, what Netflix should have pushed for was to make this film a series because I see longevity in this universe. Overall, the film is good, and I would like to see a sequel movie or series one day.

8 out of 10


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