‘Batman: Three Jokers’ Review!

After the long wait since Batman sat on the Mobius Chair in 2016, we finally got Batman: Three Jokers, which is written by Geoff Johns. Even though it’s been a long time since the tease of the 3 Jokers, the wait was worth it. The story is about Jason Todd, Barbra Gordon, and Bruce Wayne because all 3 members of the Bat Family have a dark history with the Joker or shall I say a Joker.

Geoff Johns knocked it out the park with this first issue. I loved how dark the issue is and how it shows the trauma the Bat Family has felt since dealing with the Joker. My favorite part is the confrontation between Jason Todd and the Joker that made him who he was. When Joker said “You are my Robin!” and laughed, even I felt bad for Jason.

Reading this first issue it made me wonder if there was more than 3 Jokers. We now know the Jokers are created with a purpose, and with one down it could be possible that the other 2 Jokers are just going to make more. I don’t where this is going, but I’m truly excited to read the next issue. Also, I would not be surprised if this is leading up to the Batman finally putting an end to Joker once and for all.

I highly recommend people picking up the first issue of Batman: Three Jokers. The comic has great art and fantastic storytelling. If you love the history between the Bat Family and Joker then you will not be disappointed. The only way this story can go is up, and I hope this miniseries ends with a bang.



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