‘Gotham Knights’ Will Be An Original Story!

Warner Brothers Montreal has confirmed that Gotham Knights will not be pulling any story from comics, and will be completely original.

From GamesRadar, here is what Fleur Marty, senior producer on Gotham Knights, and Patrick Redding, creative director, had to say:

We’re not re-enacting any of the existing stories from any of the comics. Gotham Knights’ story is fully original.

One of our goals was to really tap into aspects of the Batman universe that hadn’t necessarily had exposure yet in games. We drew on the idea of the Batman Family, really as a core element of that.

We were very fortunate in a way because, with our relationship with DC and the fact that that element of the story is relatively recent, we could get into a room and have conversations with some of the main stakeholders of the DC side, and really figure out what was the best way to interpret some of those ideas and these characters – the heroes as well as the adversaries, for the kind of game we wanted to make.

WB Montreal creating their own story is going to be interesting. I was not disappointed with Batman: Arkham Origins, so I have faith that whatever direction they’ll go with will be great. I can’t wait to play this game when it releases, especially since I’ll be playing as Nightwing throughout the whole game. 


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