New Spider-Man Comic Series Coming 2021!

Non-Stop Spider-Man, which was supposed to be released in June, will be coming out in January 2021! Non-Stop Spider-Man will be written by Joe Kelly and art by Chris Bachalo.

From Gamesradar, here is what Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo had to say about the upcoming series:

Non-Stop Spider-Man is, for me, the best of what Marvel comics can be: relentless action, epic storytelling, mind-melting art, and relevant themes, all grounded by the heart and soul of one of my all-time favorite characters, Spider-Man. Chris and I want to redline your adrenaline and shatter your hearts, giggling the whole time. Please sign your waivers and gather your safety gear of choice before issue one comes out. I truly can’t wait for this. Buckle up, Tigers.

I get asked why I draw comics and I reply that I like telling stories—fast stories. As the name implies, Non-Stop Spider-Man, starting with panel one, is a breakneck, furiously paced Spider-Man story with the purpose to break ankles and knees and then leave you wanting more.

Non-Stop Spider-Man sounds like it could be one of the best Spider-Man stories we’re getting from Marvel. I love both James and Chris’s work, so this might be one of my most anticipated comics to come out in 2021. 


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