‘Marvel’s Avengers’: A Game With A Lot Of Potential But Missed The Mark

Marvel’s Avengers was one of my most anticipated games to come out this year, and as much as I enjoyed many moments playing the game, I was not satisfied.

The Good

The story for Marvel’s Avengers is great, and one of Marvel’s best storytelling when it comes to video games. Right away, I fell in love with Kamala Khan! Kamala was written incredibly in this game, and it made me think that this story would not have worked without her. Kamala was definitely the glue in this game.

The Avengers team did not disappoint. I enjoyed the interactions of the characters in the game, from the serious moments and to the funny moments. The personalities of the characters are a mixture of the comics and the MCU, which I was fine with. I can’t wait to see how the new heroes will be like in this game when they’re introduced.

MODOK caught me by surprise. I was never a big MODOK fan, but this game has shown me that the character can be written well. MODOK was menacing, and every time they showed him slowly losing his mind and becoming more evil got me excited. If Marvel Studios decides to bring in MODOK then Marvel’s Avengers is the perfect blueprint for introducing the character on the big screen.

The gameplay was fun. Captain America and Thor were my go-to characters. I love the sound it makes when you hit enemies with the hammer and shield. Black Widow played badass, and Kamala Khan’s gameplay was fun. I was not much of an Iron Man player, but whenever I did play him, it was enjoyable.

The bad

The grind to get cosmetics in this game was bad. Marvel’s Avengers basically wants you to buy costumes in this game because getting the cosmetics you want will take a very long time. Twenty dollars would’ve gotten you at least 4 costumes and a few nameplates. This was disappointing, and it shouldn’t have to be this way. 

War Table missions felt sort of bland. Some of the levels were repetitive, so if you try to play a couple of hours, you will be bored, unless you’re playing with friends. Maybe when the game continues to update, we will get better missions so it could feel less repetitive.

The in-game dialogue did not sound good. An example is when you hear Tony Stark in cutscenes, he sounds great, but for some reason, in the levels, he sounds like Deadpool. The characters sound overacted, which made it off-putting.

The ugly

The bugs in this game were terrible. During the game, some costumes and characters were not loading in the story missions at all. When trying to play the campaign mode, there was an infinite loading screen, and the only way to I was able to play the game was through initiative mode. Sound in the game will disappear. When too much is going on in a level, the frame rate will drop, and the game will lag.

The bugs were so bad that it was getting hard for me to enjoy the game. When playing the last level, I couldn’t get into it because the characters didn’t load, the game crashed, etc. With the delay of the game, I thought it would have minor bugs, but it was worse than I thought.


Marvel’s Avengers is not bad, but it isn’t great either. I believe when the game continues to update then it could be better than what we got now. Maybe another delay would have helped the game because the end result wasn’t that satisfying. I did have fun with the game because I’m a Marvel fan, and I play with my friends, but I would also get easily bored doing War Tables missions by myself. I’m excited to see the new levels and characters in the game, and I hope the upcoming content doesn’t disappoint.

7 out of 10


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