New Mutants Comic Series Gets A New Writer!

The New Mutants comic series will be getting a new writer starting with issue 14 in December. The new writer will be Vita Ayala, and she has written many books such as: Morbius, Livewire, Xena: Warrior Princess, Age Of X-Man: Prisoner X, and The Wilds. Also, Rod Reis will still be the comic artist for New Mutants.

I was not expecting for Ed Brisson to be coming off New MutantsNew Mutants is one of my favorite comic series currently from Marvel, from the great writing and gorgeous art. As much as I’m going to miss Brisson on the series, I enjoy Ayala’s work, so I know the series is in amazing hands. I can’t wait to see what stories Ayala has in store for the New Mutants.


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